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Motorcycle Training For Your Enjoyment!

Motorcycle training should be an ongoing, life focus activity that continuously revitalizes your riding and operating skills. These skills deteriorate over time and must be practiced on a regular basis in order to maintain that sharpness and edge while riding.

Basic Motorcycle Training

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) in conjunction with the Florida Rider Training Program, provides the very best in Novice and Beginner Rinder Training. THe Basic RiderCourse (BRC) which is the current required course for obtaining your motorcycle endorsment for you license is the culmination of decades of study, operation, training, labratory, and survaey material packed into the consices training program that prepares you for a lifetime of safe riding. However, basic training is just the beginning. Flollowing your BRC comes:

Advanced Motorcycle Training

Motorcycle Training of Florida (MTF) offers a variety of excellent alternatives to self-persuit in skill development. Following the BRC, you can take a BRC2 (formerly known as the Experienced RiderCourse) which adds to your skill level and is done on your own motorcycle!

Continuing Education for Life

What good is 'continuing education' you might ask. That is a very important question that prompts me to ask "Have you ever played sports?" If you answered yes, then the next question is "What happens to your skill and accuracy if you stop playing and practicing your sport for a while... and the longer you delay that play and practice, how much worse is your skill and accuracy?"

Motorcycle riding is similar in that your skills as a rider depreciate, deteriorate, disappear after a while and you are left with knowing ‘how to ride,’ but lacking the finer motor skills to accurately avoid risk and remain safe while riding. Additional practice and training will help you maintain your skills already learned, as well as help you become a much better and safer rider. At MTF, this is our goal. We want to make you the safest, most skilled motorcycle rider possible in order for you to continue to enjoy this wonderful sport for years to come. And remember, the skills you learn for safely riding your motorcycle will carry over into your driving skills in the car, and anything else you do. Join us for even more advanced skill training. Is it safety, fun and knowledge for a lifetime.

Additional experienced and advanced training is available!

  1. Opportunities for Bike-Bonding.
  2. Additional training in Advanced RiderCourse skills.

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Motorcycle Safety Course Prices:

* The Orange Park and Green Cove Springs Regular Price is $250.

** The regular price for Lake City is $260.

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