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Required Safety Gear Page!

The primary apparal requirement for taking any course at MTOFI is your safety gear, and it's protection is the most important safety aspect of motorcycle riding. Motorcycle protective gear is essential in helping to protect your body. To take a course with MTOFI, you must bring the following standard riding gear.

  1. A DOT, Snell or ECE approved Helmet
  2. Eye Protection
  3. A Jacket or long-sleeved shirt
  4. Full-fingered Gloves
  5. Long Pants
  6. Over-the-Ankle Boots

If you have any questions about whether the gear you have is appropriate, please call ask before you come to the school on the first day of training. If your gear is not approved, you will not be allowed to participate. You will be required to reschedule. Please call before your come.

Motorcycle Safety Equipment

Lights, brakes, turn signals, horn, high/low beams, chrome, loud pipes, you name anything on a motorcycle that helps get attention - not for the look at ME factor, but for the LOOK AT ME factor. If the other guy sees you, really and truely sees you, maybe he (or she) won't run over you!

How to be Safer Riding

All The Gear - All The Time! Wear the gear that can save your bacon.

Increase your skill level. Learn to ride better and then ride within your limits.

Never Ride Beyond Your Skill Level, but when you do practice, push to the limit in order to improve, in a safe environment. That is what our courses provide, with the added benefit of expert coaching from our RiderCoaches.

  1. Put your head on straight - no alcohol or other drugs.
  2. Wear your gear - if it isn't on, it can't protect!
  3. Check your bike to ensure its ready for the ride - TCLOCS

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Motorcycle Safety Course Prices:

* The Orange Park and Green Cove Springs Regular Price is $250.

** The regular price for Lake City is $260.

We accept the following Major Credit Cards.

*** Please read the refund policy prior to payment.