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Motorcycle Training Foundation welcomes you to any of our MSF accredited locations. Your excellent training is the reason we provide a variety of locations for your convenience. No longer is it necessary to travel great distances to obtain specific training to safely ride a motorcycle, we have provided certified training courses and superb, modern, technologically advanced classrooms in which to provide your training.
Our goal is your success! We have the very best RiderCoaches available. Amoung them a college professor, several police motorcycle training instructors, dedicated long-term safe riders, and the best facilities available. You are in great hands for you to work toward gaining the experience and training necessary to become the rider you desire to be. No, it will not be easy. No, it is not a 'cake-walk'... but is that what you really want? Our RiderCoaches will never cut a class short... you should, you must, and you will be successful in acheiving your goal of safely operating the motorcycle of your choice, in the careful hands of Motorcycle Training Foundation.

Our Training Locations:

The Orange Park Classroom location

The National Truck Driver Training Grounds location

The Florida Gateway College Training facility

The central Florida Motorcycle Training facility



Motorcycle Safety Course Prices:

* The Orange Park and Green Cove Springs Regular Price is $250.

** The regular price for Lake City is $260.

We accept the following Major Credit Cards.

*** Please read the refund policy prior to payment.