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Basic RiderCourse!

For the new rider, the best place to start once they've made the decision to ride is the Basic RiderCourse. Successful completion of the knowledge and skill tests of this course, which consists of approximately five hours of formal classroom activities and 10 hours of riding instruction, serves as a license test waiver program in Florida. Motorcycles are provided for your use during the course, and helmets may be borrowed. Also, a course completion card may earn you an insurance discount.

Basic RiderCourse Content
Classroom Portion:

The classroom portion consists of 5 units

    Rider Handbook
  • Unit I: Course Introduction
  • Unit II: Introduction to Motorcycling
  • Unit III: Preparing to Ride
  • Unit IV: Street Strategies
  • Unit V: Wrap-Up (Includes 50 Question Knowledge Test)

Basic RiderCourse Content
Range Portion:

The Basic RiderCourse consistes of two range portions and are typically done on two different days.

Range exercises consist of the following:

Range Level 1

  1. Motorcycle Familiarization
  2. Using the Friction Zone
  3. Starting & Stopping Drill
  4. Shifting & Stopping
  5. Adjusting Speed & Turning
  6. Controls-Skills Practice
  7. Cornering
  8. Matching Gears to Speed
  9. Stopping Quickly

  10. Range Level 2

  11. Limited-Space Maneuvers
  12. Pressing to Initiate Lean
  13. Cornering Judgment
  14. Negotiating Curves
  15. Stopping Quickly in a Curve
  16. Obstacles & Lane Changes
  17. Avoiding Hazards
  18. Skills Practice

Skill Test

  • Eval 1: U-Turns
  • Eval 2: Swerve
  • Eval 3: Quick Stop
  • Eval 4: Cornering

Motorcycle Safety Course Prices:

* The Orange Park and Green Cove Springs Regular Price is $250.

** The regular price for Lake City is $260.

We accept the following Major Credit Cards.

*** Please read the refund policy prior to payment.