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Motorcycle Training Foundation!

"Get Legal, Ride Safe"
with Your Motorcycle Endorsement!

Motorcycle Training of Florida, Inc. (MTF) is a motorcylce training school that was established to provide individuals with a higher level of personalized education on motorcycle safety and street strategies. We are an approved motorcycle rider education provider offering programs based on the Nationally Accredited Motorcycle Safety Foundation's RiderCourse® curriculum. You may ask "Why MSF? Traffic-safety experts acknowledge the RiderCourse® curriculum as the best introduction to motorcycle riding in the world. To learn more, call me at (904) 677-2941

Your motorcycle endorsement class consists of 15 contact hours of quality training with Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Certified RiderCoaches. You will be tested in a variety of ways with the very best training aids and techneques.

The courses offered by our motorcycle riding school are approved by the State of Florida and are taught by professional certified Rider Coaches. Classes are conveniently held on weekdays, evenings, and weekends at our various locations.

Learn to Ride the Motorcycle Training Foundation way!

Research shows:

  1. Motorcycles comprise approximately 2% of the vehicles on our roads.
  2. Of those motorcycles on the roads, more than 90% of those riders involved in crashes were either self-taught or learned from a friend or family member.
  3. Motorcycle rider training experience reduces accident involvement and is related to reduced injuries in the event of accidents.
  4. Participation in a motorcycle rider course is mandatory in the State of Florida.

Take time to learn to ride the right way. Motorcycle Training Foundation is committed to increasing the number of properly educated motorcyclists on the streets and highways in an attempt to help reduce the number of motorcycle-related crashes.

If you are interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle, obtain your motorcycle license endorsement or improve your riding skills, then MTF is the right place for you. We are committed to providing you with a safe, enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere conducive to an efficient and effective learning environment.

Motorcycle Safety Course Prices:

* The Orange Park and Green Cove Springs Regular Price is $250.

** The regular price for Lake City is $260.

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*** Please read the refund policy prior to payment.